வியாழன், 30 ஏப்ரல், 2009

Quatrochi Aquitted by Congress Bureau of Invstgn

Ottavio Quatrocchi the accused in the Bofors scandal has been receomded by the CBI to Interpol to remove him from seacrh list or Red corner notice.
The reason CBI is statin is that it was done on the instruction given by the Attorney General(AG).
AG says this notice has given on his name twice (Each notice has a life-span of 5 years)but he hasnt been remanded those two times and there is no "valuable grounds" in which he needs to be remanded again.huh...
Already one of the accused Rajiv Gandhi has died even while the investigation was on.now Q has been acquitted.
The Law minster Bharadwaj has remarked"Its not a case,its just politics"huh.,..what to say?
Already Jagdish Tyltler was acquitted by CBI in Sikh riot case...now the dready Q too..
Former CBI director Joginder Singh has said that the agency had enough proof that Q looted around 17$million due to this deal between Bofors and the Indian Govt.
Then?why he was acquitted?just coz he was a close friend of Antonio Maino Sonia.
THIS ISNT Central Bureau of Investigation...

திங்கள், 27 ஏப்ரல், 2009

Kalaignar's stunt

Another stunt by so called Kalaignar-tamizhina thalaivar
All of a sudden he took a fast "Fast".Even his family members arnt aware of his decision.
And when the news spreaded over the state shops were threatened to close and buses were blocked and attacked by udanpirappugal.
The fast was started fastly and also it ended fastly.
Suddenly a news was spread that the Sri Lankan Govt has announced a cease-fire(it wasnt a news actually its a rumour)to facilitate MK to end his fast citing this reason.MK ended fast immediately and his udanpirappugal celebrated his success(!!!??).dont know what has been achieved.SL has refused the cease-fire announcement.The dracula Rajapakse wont stop until he sucks all the blood from the Tamils..
Just another great political stunt by MK...
lets see whthr it facilitates votes in his favour

ஞாயிறு, 26 ஏப்ரல், 2009


The recent allegation brought out by Advani is that Indian riches are having around 70Lakh crores in Swiss Banks.
He is also has a plan to get out the money to India in 100days(is dat a movie produciton r what?)
But he fails to explain how he will do that.Because Swiss banks doesnt allow even the CIA or the intelligent groups to gather information regarding their clients.
America has got the list of the account holders but hasnt taken any notable action.
But our LK is boasting that he'll bring the money..huh..
This seems very rarely possible because bringing or even gathering the information regarding account holders seems impossible..
Though the idea was good it seems highly impossible..just a stunt

ஞாயிறு, 19 ஏப்ரல், 2009

Shame on Times group

The Times group recently received comdemn and had even a case filed against it for sensationalizing the rape of a student in Tata Institute of Social Science.
What this daily magazine Mumbai mirror(a Times group)has published is that the deatiled compalint made by the victim to the Police and the magazine has also described her identity in detail.what the hell is this?
In a male chauvinistic society already women are being victimised .Its the responsibility of the media to come in support of them.But if even they are sensationalizing a rape case means where can these women go?
Now everyone in the college has come to know who is the victim.Now how can that girl continue her studies there?
How are they going to compromise the dignity lost by that innocent girl?By money?by apology?huh..it cant be compromised.Senseless idiots
If the magazines want sensation then let them cover the election campaign which has the most.
Let them not play with a gals life.

Campaining trend-1

The style of campaining has seen a sea-change over years..
Previously it was like slamming the opposition party(ruling) for not doing good things,not dealing with terrorism,unemployment..etc.etc..and putting forth their agendas..like how they ll deal with terrorism,education etc..etc..
But today the situation has worsened such that no party ever cared about the Mumbai or other terror attacks or the denofied North-East.
No party has come up with a clear agenda as to how they will deal with terrorism if voted to power.This applies to unemployment,education,.health facilities,or ever lasting poverty.
What these parties campaign is dusting off the past(Babari Masjid demolition,Sikh riots..etc..etc)as to who was responsible for these .
Is this the need of the hour?
Does lamenting or fighting about the past going to fetch anythng good for the country?
No.Pity on the nation and the so called democracy..huh..

சனி, 18 ஏப்ரல், 2009

A cruel act on a child

Yesterday news channels were busy in repeating a particular news even amidst election gudhiya's nd budhiyaas..it was a Gal child 11yrs old doing her 2nd std in a Delhi school was in da ICU nd she has died.
Whats da reason 4 her death?
Her teacher Manju banged her head in da table nd asked her 2 stand in the sun with bricks on her shoulder.for what?
For not pronouncing A..B..C..D.
huh...if she has such a cruel thirst for punishing she might ve joined the Indian Army or even Talibans in the Swat valley and start torturing people..why the hell she is a teacher..
with Govt insistin on Children education if teachers are acting like cannibals then who'll admit their children to school.?
with already many deaths encountered like this in previous years(same case of cannibalism of teachers on students leading to death)what has the Govt or the School management has done to stop this cruel activity?Nothing..
even this news will be blinking in Flash for few days and the media will again start relaying those useless"Gudhiya and Budhiya"comments on each other politicians...huh..I pity on children

திங்கள், 13 ஏப்ரல், 2009

49"0" da contrary side

The election comission myt've received sum appreciation 4m ppl who ve been demanding 2 bring 49 'o' option while voting...ya..it has atlast done da ryt thing..
When a voter doesnt want 2 vote 4 any of the contesting candidates he/she can use the 49 'O' option...that he isnt willing 2 vote 4 anyone..thats a gud thing no doubt...
But the contrary is in the implimentation..
This 49 'o' option isnt included as a button in the EVM(Electronic Voting Machine)..
if any1 wants 2 cast this 49 'o' optiin he/she has to get a separate form nd fill it up nd give it to da booth officer..
The threat is dat the all party candidates workers ll be dere in da booth..so they ll "Make a note of" the one who casted dis vote..nd he/she may be done away(take dis in any meaning)..so let th EC provide a button option so that 49 '0' is casted with secrecy..lets hope itll be done this tym itself...

புதன், 8 ஏப்ரல், 2009

"PC" cuming...."shhhhhoe....."

Yesterday an act dat wouldve been replayed more than IPL was the hurling of shoe on none other than ..whom is said 2 be 2nd in the race..after pulling off Pranab out of the race..as a trusty person of Soniaji....CHIDAMBARAM....
He was answering the Q's posted over him in a "Convenient way"(both 2 him nd da Congress)...
ie.,when Jarnail Singh(who tossed shoe over our "Honble Min")..came up with a compalint that the Congress Govt Guided (or forced) the CBI..2 cum up with a clean chit for Jagdish Tytler(Who was said 2 be instrumental in mass genocied of Sikhs after Indira Gandhi was assasinated by a Sikh)...our Min conveniently replied"the matter is in the courts..CBI has only given a guidance 2 da court...its 4 da court 2 decide on Jagdish.
Coz of dis reply Jaranail singh got anguish nd hurled a shoe at PC..
But dis is regular news...but sum fishy things are:
-But whats fishy is that how cum the camera was covering da journalists(which never happens anywhr)..hurling of shoe is completely covered in vdo..hows dat possible?was any1 aware of dat before?
-nd Jarnail hurled the shoe so gently so that Min can avoid it by moving behind gently..howz dat?whn a person is anguish will he throw da shoe gently?..
hmm...sum drama has been staged for elections..

திங்கள், 6 ஏப்ரல், 2009

The peak act of barbarianism-PART1

Ya...the peak act has been staged...none other than the Democratic(!!!!???)pillar called Pak....
In SWAT valley(whr da Pak govt came up with a consensus with da Taliban....)
A gal (in her teens aged 17)was hogged up with her hands and legs heldup by the talibanic animals.....
The reason?has she invented any Atomic bomb r did she spoke 4 da democracy(which is the biggest crime in Pak)..
No...she dint do anythng mentioned abv...wht she did?
she had an affair with a guy...so she was given this brutal punishment...huh.then wht abt dat guy?was he picking flowers?he too shld be punished ..but not..
coz da sum religious laws tells dat a guy can ve 10000 wives but a gal shld ve only one..she shld be a child fetching machine...dats all....huh...whts dis?does da God(i don blv but ppl say dat such thng exist)..preached dese?beat up women nd imprison them in da homes?
if God wldve said such thng then no need 4 God at all...
but here da Indian Govt dint raise its voice against dis...
coz they r secular masks....
Contd in 2nd part....more 2 cum....

சனி, 4 ஏப்ரல், 2009

Lahore Attack..

Another attack in Pak..none other than da place whr SL cricketers whr targetted nd attacked..
Even b4 dat attack's sound fade anthr attack in da same Lahore..
dis shows da impoetency of da Govt 2 combat terrorism dat has gone deep-rooted into da Pak soil...
Whts da reason?Why da terrorists r wandering nd attacking whrevr they want?
One of da main resaon is ..Pak tried to bleed India with a thousand cuts by allowing terrorist outfits 2 practise terrorism in deir own Pak soil...
ya they practised nd they tested their skills dere in Pak itself...even then Pak dint take any stern action r tot of da crisis ahead...
Instead they encouraged them.2 do wht they want..
Also in democratic rule was in power in between armies rule ...
So it was easy 4 da Talibans nd other outfits 2 strengthen their networks...in nd around Pak..
They tested dere in Kashmir nd finally in Mumbai...
The problem is nthng...just a snake brought up by da owner is tightening its grip over da owners neck itself...huh..