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Kaminey & Jail films highlight the reality

Recently i saw these two movies Kaminey &Jail and i felt that lots of realities were highlighted in both the movies.
Charlie & Guddu (Shahid Kapoor) are twin brothers who are vengent enough with each other and havnt met since childhood.Both have some speech problem Charlie lisps(saying f for every s) while Guddu stammers.
Sweetie(Priyanka Chopra) loves Guddu but she feels that Guddu got teased&cheated by a girl.She acts to stammer while talking with him to make him comfortable &make him love her.
When Sweetie conceives of a mistakable night with Guddu she threatens him to marry her(While Guddu says he has plans to marry only in 2014) saying that her brother is Sunil Shekhar Bhope a rugged politician.He agrees to marry her while the marriage is on Bhope comes there and asks Guddu his full name when he says his last name Bhope & his rogue associates beat him up severely saying that he is a migrant from UP and Maharashtra is only for Marathis.
>Note that Vishal Bharadwaj needs to be appreciated for highligting boldly the reality by depicting Bhope in the place of the dready
Thackerey's that only Marathis should live in Maharashtra
(in one scene Guddu says"My dad said Maharahstra is like a drink and the migrants are like sugar for that Bhope says"we have sugar complaint and we dont need sugar".Such is the chauvinistic nature of some of the political parties.
The film goes on like this showing openly the worst reality prevalent in the society.

Another reality is when Charlie abducts a vehicle from the Hotel with the "Violin"(with drugs inside it) he and his asso's were stunned by the respect given by the Policemen.
He then discovers the shocking truth that its a Police Vehicle.Here another reality comes to light on the some of the corrupt Police involvement who are trying to get the drugs back to Tashi who they are afraid of.Like this the whole movie was a wonderful highlight of realities...Hats off to Vishal Bharadwaj(for a daring effort) & Priyanka Chopra(i dont think any other actress would've accepted to do such a role).

Madhur Bhandarkar is known for reality based & thought provoking movies and Jail is one such movie.
Parag Dixit(Neil Nitin Mukesh) works for a Finance company who gets promoted as a Regional Manager.He shares his appartment with his friend Keshav who shares not only apartment but his Mobile phone(which turns dangerous for Parag later) and his other ownings.
In a Police encounter Keshav dies(later after being in coma) in Police shot after killing a cop and
the Police arrests Parag with heavy amount of drugs in his car.
Parag gets shocked and refuses the claim that he was involved in drug peddling but the Police force him into jail& he is refused bail continuously.Her love Maansi finds a lawyer to bring him out.
>Here one needs to note the reality shown by Director that the lawyer she meets is only money minded.

He is sent to jail there he is stubborn at first and after a lot of ill-treatments & beatings he slowly gets adopted to surroundings.
Nawaab the jailer feels that he is innocent and shows concern for him.The film goes like this highlighting the darker and painful side of the jail and then Joe D Souza a posh inmate comes in touch with Parag.He says he is innocent just he took a "Bit" of drinks and drove a car & ran over six people in platform and killed them.
He curses them saying "Who asked them to live there "
>Here the mindset of the Elite people who never care about poor is highlighted

D'Souza gets released later &Parag gets angry that "I am innocent i am in but u killed people you are going out" & beats him.For that he is given a punishment of Dark cell for a month.Parag gets more insanely in that dark cell...and after pleading by Nawab he gets released in 20 days..
Another thing showed was a Don like Baba who gets everything he wants he has his assistants who fish for people who are willing to get off this hell.Those people are taken out and they are forced to kill people in turn to what they got(freedom).In such a deal one gets out and when he finds his wife with some other man he kills himself frustrated with the gun given to him to kill some other person intutn to his release.
Nawab warns Parag to keep away from Baba.
>Here another reality shown is that while innocent people suffer in jail those with money &influence can get away with their crimes.

>Another reality is that some people like Baba shown in the movie enjoy special privileges &they make use of the inmate's thirst for freedom for their own benefits and makes them a slaygoat

Also the inmates while being shifted to another jail torpdoes the van(with the help of Baba's associates) and escapes but Parag alone remains there.Finally he gets bail.
The movie ends with a slide"3.73 PRISONERS IN INDIA 2.45 MOT YET FOUND GUILTY"
Hats off to Madhur Bhandarkar for such a thought provoking
&hard-hitting film.

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Telengana the truth behind...

After a 11 day fast K Chandrashekar Rao (aka KCR) has achieved what he and his party and Telengana people desired for..a separate Telengana state..
The reason for which he and people there desired for a state was that the developmental activities went only to Hyderabad (in Telengana region) and other Districts were starved of Development..So they say if there is a separate state then more development can be brought to the region..
Oh then i wonder what was the purpose of creating a separate Chhattisgarh from MP..because it remains as a heaven ground for Naxalites an indirect indication to under development even after it has become a separate state..
So it show one thing..the people of a region want a separate state believing that it might bring development to their region..But the leaders of the region who fight for separate state use the people's desire for their own political growth..
When KCR was asked what plans he has for development of Telengana..he simply stared..That is the case with other leaders of newly bifurcated States
..But Soniaji was clever enough to approve Telengana keeping in mind her desire to make Rahul the PM in 2014..becaues Telengana has 19 MP seats which she doesnt dare to lose by denying a Separate Telengana..
Also she has plans that KCR would go along with Congress since it has approved Telengana state..
In other regions Congress plans to team up with Praja Rajyam..so on one hand it has facilitated Congress's plans to make Rahul as PM by covering up both the states..what about Telengana people?huh..as usual they will be starved fo development

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Liberhann report-A Joke out of crores

Already i wrote an article "Is Liberhan liberated?"
citing that the report was ready even before the elections but Congress delayed it to prevent BJP getting united over this issue and also it waited for the Maharashtra elections to get over.
The great cunning act by Congress was to leak the report wantedly(though P.Chidambaram promises on camphor that he wasnt responsible its the truth that he played a major role in leaking the report) to shut the mouth of BJP and also to divert and use this report to save the innocent PM Singh from other burning issues such as price rise, Madhu koda issues in the Parliament..
And whether the report has achieved abything the purpose it was formed for?
After spending a mind blowing 17 years and around 10 crores Liberhan has come up with what he was "Told" to report..That is praise Narashimha rao (For remaining a wonderful spectator?? during demolition) acquit him of spectatorship..stating that the Centre cant interfere too much in State affairs so Rao wasnt in a position to avert the demolition..huh..if that is so..then why the Centre appointed a comission to investigate into a what it calls a "State Affair"??

The report also called Vajpayee a "Pseudo moderate" which needs a deeper look into the affairs.
But the report has done the job atleast for the present turmoil by saving Singh who is busy touring every small country in the World map!! from the turmoils of price rise Koda issue &other headache(that the Centre thinks such)
Also the report hasnt clearly mentioned what punishment to be given to the demolishers..

And as usual this a report good feed for Press and TV for good circulation for atleast a month..after that as usual the Centre may go ahead with bowing to its Master America!!!...

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Pratheebaji What next as first?

Recent news was about Pratheeba Patil's Guinness record of flying in Sukhoi type aircraft at 900KMPH and became the first women in high profile to fly in such a aircraft type.It's ok as a women she has proved women are also fit for flying in warcrafts.
But people need to remember her another First time record she did before this.
It was her getting a legislative seat for her son Raosaheb Shekhawat in Amravati setting aside the long term Congress winner Sunil Deshmukh.Frustrated with the seat offering Sunil stood alone as a independent candidate against her son.But it went without saying the winning news of her son.
With that she has become the first president in India to get a seat for her heir by showing hr true Congress colour openly..(of course previous Presidents too had the political orientation but they never showed it open..)Her son was offered a seat by setting aside the loyal Congress member Sunil means a lot..it also shows the need for Congress party to have a President as an unnamed Congress member..so that they can do away with problems when they have so..
Huh...I never understood the need for President in a country like India..already there were lots of comments about this post as "Rubber Stamp"..ya it a rubber stamp and Prathibaji too is such a stamp with "HAND" symbol engraved in it!!!!!huh hail democracy