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Statues and Stature

The recent controversy was brought out by Ravikant an advocate filing a PIL(Public Interest Litigation) against UP CM Mayawati for misusing the state funds of around 2000crores for erecting statues of her,her party symbol(Elephant) & Late leader Khashi Ramji all over Lucknow.
The Supreme Court has issued a Showcause notice to the State Govt regarding this issue.
But Maya was clever enough to unveil the statues 9 days ahead of the proposed statue unveiling ceremony fearing a stay from the court in this issue.Also Opposition SP leader Mulayam was planning a protest against this on July 3.
But she unveiled the statues(mostly half sculptured) days before these events just to show her power.
When asked about this she said "If the Indian Govt would've taken interest in unveiling the statues of Dalit icons Dr.Ambedkar & Khanshi Ramji she wouldnt have done this.
Ok she may be right but is this the way to show her "Dalit saviour"Image?
Does mere opening of Dalit icon statues bring up the standard of living of Dalits?
With around more than 5 crore people in UP striving in poverty does spending 2000Cr on statues get justified?No definitley not.
Instead it'll sow hatred in the minds of people which may turn up against her in the elections.
Instead of these statues which is used by crows and birds to excrete or used by other caste people trying to degrade the Dalits they may simply end up degrading these Dalit icon statues and even that of Maya's.
Instead of unveiling statues of her and other icons she can use the state funds to provide employment and upliftment of the Dalits.They dont need statues they need atleast some respect in this so called Secular state.So its hightime Maya stop spending state funds on statues and instead use it for upliftment of the deprived and denofied community..
If she does that she'll stand in the hearts of the people and her stature will rise.Not statues will do this..

வியாழன், 25 ஜூன், 2009

Coward para military force

Yes that's the ground realty whom people call as brave and tough.No they arent so.
Para military forces were employed to relieve Lalgarh from the clutches of Maoists as all know.
Its a dense jungle area with lots of road-bends and culverts.Few days back when the forces were on an liberation plan a mine blew up when they were crossing a culvert and many were injured.But after that whenever these forces come across a culvert or bridge or a road-bend they are so scared to cross fearing when a mine will blast from where.
So what about the bomb disposal squads?Only one squad is present(that too only two mebers in it).The other team is kept in reserve for VIP's and the third team is cooling its heels in Kolkatta.
Since they dont have enough bomb disposal squads what they do is force the local youths to check for mines whenever the forces come across a culvert or a road bend.
These youths fearfully does this job or else they will be shot dead.
Shame on Para military forces.Is this the way to force people?then what about your job of saving people?whats the differnce between these forces and Naxals?
What if any youth dies of get injured while finding a mine?Is just giving a money compensation enough?

ஞாயிறு, 21 ஜூன், 2009

Maoists "Red" face

With Maoists capturing (and it was freed too)Lalgarh and Midnapore and other areas of West Bengal nothing can be more irritating the eyes of the comrades who were enjoying a monopolic rule for more than 30 years in WB.
Its said maoists are using the tribal people there as human shields to protect themselves from military forces.
They are also blasting bridges digging roads so that military forces are kept away.
Where did it began?why their attacks have become so intense?
It all began in 60's and in 80's when the comrades Govt suppressed the maoists successfully.But why it has become intense now?Some incidents worth mentioning:
>>In 2007 the West Bengal government decided to allow Salim Group to set up a chemical hub at Nandigram under the SEZ policy . This led to resistance by the villagers resulting in clashes with the police that left 14 villagers dead, and accusations of police brutality.
>>Singur gained international media attention since Tata Motors started constructing a factory to manufacture their 1Lakh car, the Tata Nano at Singur. The small car was scheduled to roll out of the factory by 2008. The choice of Singur was made by the company among six sites offered by the state government. The project faced massive opposition from 2,000 of the 12,000 displaced farmers.This was intensified by the support of Mamata Banarjee and other famous people like Medha Pathkar Arundathi Roy and others.
>>>>On Nov.2 2008 a massive land mine blasted but the CM's convoy escaped it while he was returning after inaugrating Jindal Steel works SEZ in West Midnapore Dt.
After this incident the Adivasis in Lalgarh where tortured(women in particualr)by the Police in the name of the blast probe.This also created agile in Tribals mind and this lead to the formation of People's Committee against Police Atrocities(PCPA).
These instances have lead to Maoists agitating violently against the Govt.
>>Targetting individual CPI leaders torching their party office are things are really un acceptable.Though these actions couldve made Mamata and her ally Congress happy.
The Congress is keeping mum because they want CPI to face some tremor though they have already faced one in the name of election results.
But this is not the way to take revenge on CPI.These Maoists may spread more into other districts which will become a head ache to the silent happy spectator Congress which is ruling the country.
>>So what they must do now is not just waging a battle against the Maoists(they may win now but Maoists will agitate again later,its unending) but they should take steps for the welfare of the denotified tribals and they should be provided proper compensations for atrocities done earlier against them and they should be provided with basic amenities to live a peaceful life.

>>Also they shouldnt grab fertile lands for so called SEZ plans(i mena both WB govt and the Central Govt).SEZ's can be avoided and inturn companies can be established without SEZ status.Because these SEZ's cant be controlled by the Indian laws.
Also while establishing companies it should be seen to that no fertile land is being i utilised for this purpose.
>>For the ruling CPI comrades:where have all your agendas that were once focussing on peoples welfare gone?What you people have done for WB for the past 30 years ?Why have started singing back tunes to capitalist forces such as Tata?You people need to discuss it sort out the p[roblems if you want to come to power again in WB.

வியாழன், 11 ஜூன், 2009

Left,Right&Rift-Courtesy centrists

>>>Is right "Right?":Though left and right dont have any policies in common they have one thing in common now.That too after the elections in particular.That is rift in the party.
When we look right(BJP) the former opposition leader Jaswanth Singh has come forward with tonnes of allegantions against the way in which the party acted before and after the elections.
He is backed by other leaders such as Arun Shorie &Yaswanth Sinha.Why is he fuming?
The main reason is the oppointment of Arun Jaitley as the opposition leader of Rajya Sabha over riding the choice of himself.
Also other leaders like Rajanath Singh wanted to take over the party as leader after Advani "played" a resignation drama.He then got convinced(drama was over soon!!!!) to continue as the leader.
But when Advani was in the small gap of period of his resignation drama he appointed Sushma Swaraj as deputy opposition leader to Lok Sabha and also made Arun Jaitley.
This kindled agile among the party members.
Also every leader in the party wrote their own stories for the reson of a big blow they got in elections.This upsetted Jaswanth and others.
So the party has now become like Ganesh yatra where lots of idols are drowned into the sea!!!!!!..

>>Left-Is there any moral "Left?":
Another party which got affected by a rift are the Marxists though the main reason maynt be the election results(but its also one of the reason).
Even before the elections the rift between CPI(M) party State Secretary(Kerala) Pinarayi Vijayan and the State CM Achuthananthan was widely seen.But none expected the rift to play foul for themselves in the state.
The ruling Cabinet committee(Kerala) defended Pinarayi in SNC Lavalin scam by preventing CBI from taking action against him.But there came a blow for the party with State Governor RS.Gavai allowing CBI to take its own course of action.
Marxixts went to extreme extent by threatening Governor thorugh hoax calls organising bandhs and damaging public property.
But the rift was in the limelight when Achuthananthan commented on this Governor's permission as "As expected earlier".This has provoked agile among the other ministers of the state who have complained to the National party leaders.
Also Parakash Karat came under fire after elections for his idea to form a non-Congress and non-BJP Govt which has proved fatile for the party.
.So the centrists(Congress) has created a big rift in both Left and Right..
lets c what next.....

செவ்வாய், 9 ஜூன், 2009

CPI(M) is there any justice "Left"?

With CPI(M) announced openly that it'll defend its State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan in SNC Lavalin case nothing can be worst to spoil the little left morality in that party.
Governor RS Gavai allowing the CBI to investigate the prosecution against Pinarayi which hiked up the agile among the comrades.I mean i shouldnt say comrades in general because the allies of the ruling CPI(M) that is RSP and CPI hasnt come forward to defend Pinarayi which shows an axe in between the allies.
The Marxists called up for a strike damaged public properties and caused nuisance to the public in the name if defending an accused.
They say this case is "Politically motivated".ok if that's true why cant they allow justice to take its own course of action.As per their statement Pinarayi is "innocent"..ok..if thats so let him face the case bravely without kindling the party members which inturn affects the public life.
He should come forward to co-operate with CBI as party members feel he is innocent.
Instead threatening the Governor thorugh hoax calls wont help them in any way.Instead it'll spoil the little bit good name the party has..
This may be a fist of its kind bribery case against a comrade in histroy but they should allow the law to take its course instead of hiding behind the party..

ஞாயிறு, 7 ஜூன், 2009

Formals and global warming

The topic may look strange but this is also one of the reasons.
Every organisation(mean white collar job like IT) insists on their employees(i mean male)to come in formals.This means put the button on the cuffs of ur shirt put the collar button so that one will suffocate!!!Also tie a tight fabric piece(called tie)around the neack so that one will have to do an himalayan task while addressing a speech!!
Also put a coat over the short even at scorching summer temps around 40 Degrees.Cover the foot too with shoes.huh....so in what way this is related to global warming?ya ll tell.
Because of this so called "Torturing formals" organisations have to do something to prevent their employees from dehydration..if they are left in the room conditions.So what they do for that?
Keep the Air conditioning at sub zero levels so that people can survive in formals..
because of this act it goes without saying its contributing to global warming(i mean running a/c's at sub zero levels).
These formals were invented by foreigners to survive the biting cold conditions that prevailed in the West.But why the hell Indians copy this in a scorching tropical country like India?whats the need to wear tight neck stangling formals and running a/c's at sub-zero levels?
Why cant they get off with this useless(no way formals contribute to productivity as i think)formals so that the globe can be saved(as the need to run a/c at sub-zero can be avoided and it can be run at normal condition)
....will the companies think about this?

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Madam Speaker

Amidst all odds,frustration and surprise over the winning of congress back to power another thing came as a surprise.Its the appointment of first lady speaker in the Parliament.Meira Kumar.
Though she maynt be the first Dalit speaker for the Parliament(Late GMC.Balayogi holds that fame)
she is the first women speaker.
This is a smart move by the Congress where it already doesnt have any strong opposition to fight or argue against it.
Even if there is such an argument or fight none can go offensive against the speaker(as they did against Somnath)because none would dare to get a bad name for going offensive against a Dalt women.
Yes its a good move.But she should prove her unbiased nature(!!?) and should run the parliament in a smooth and co-operative manner.lets see....