வெள்ளி, 29 மே, 2009

Oh finally deal accomplished

>>Finally he'll get what he wants..That'll happen for sure..He is known for his demanding power!!! //////(See my DMK's drama article)
this was said last week before cabinet formation and now my words have been proved.

Rasa back as IT&Comm minister(many really wonder over his selction over riding Dayanidhi)
Daya not as many expected got Textile.
The reason Mk always wants Rasa as minster is not for his calibre but becoz of the caste he belongs to.
If anyone asks MK what have you done for SC/ST's he'll immediately write a poem that he made Rasa as a minster to give pride to his community.huh..nothing to say more redg this long live democracy
And Azhagiri as against many compalints about his inability in English and Hindi he was made Chemical and ferilizers minstry.(donno what he gonna do there..let us wait and see)

ஞாயிறு, 24 மே, 2009

ATM's Some problem and solutions

With ATM' becoming a part of life of every one let me lists some problems faced and
some solutions regarding it:

>Withdrawal of Inter bank transaction charges:
With RBI withdrawing inter bank transaction charges evry ATM(even one which was
being used as a vegetable godown is now crowded!!)is crowded.
Particularly SBI has largest no. of a/c holders the reason being most of the Govt
employees salaries are being despatched only through it.So these customers throng
other ATM's too resulting in drying off money in cenres and crowding.
Every bank must ensure they have enough ATM centres and if possilbe install
multiple machines in the same centre to avoid crowding and their customers
thronging other bank centres.

>"Base" problem:
In Most or all ATM's the base of the machine is not cemented to the floor of the
center.Recently a gang took the machine in a van claiming they are service men to
repair the machine.
Cement the base to the floor

>Burglar alarm:
All banks have burglar alarms attached to their lockers so that if anyone tries to
tamper it alarm will be activated in the nearest Polic station.But such a alarm is
not there in these ATM machines.
Attach proper activating alarm to every machine so that the nearest Polic station
gets note of something offensive going on.

>Position of Surveillance camera:
All ATM centres have surveillance cams on the wall above the machines so that if a
person comes in with a cap worn his /her face maynot be recorded properly .
Place a cam next to the screen so that the face is recorded even if cap or helmet
>Ensuring security and money:
The most common problem in every ATM center is money getting dried off and people
has to find other centres.And in some centres there are no security people
facilitating robbery.Also absence of security makes it tougher for people(less
educated) who doesnt know the procedure for taking money form the machines
Ensuring presence of security personnel and frequent watch on the money in the
machines do that it can be refilled quickly when dried off avoiding long /queues
and wasting time.

வெள்ளி, 22 மே, 2009

DMK'S drama

The DMK leader MK is well versed in writing scripts for not only films but also for politics as all know.
He previuosly staged the Fasting drama saying it for the cause of Eelam.He went to the extent of saying (made PC to say)that the war is over once SL govt saw his fasting!!!!.oh..people and Opposition made fun of him.And during election campaign time he feared to reply the arrows of Q's fired by Jaya and he got himself admitted to Hospital saying he isnt well.
Even when all people and Opposition demanded him to goto Delhi to press the Central Govt for a caesefire in Lanka he said he cant go due to illness.
But now when the new Govt is on the verge of Formation he rushed to Delhi(oh..so now he is ok it seems..huh)to grab seats for his Beloved Daughter and Son and his Grand nephew.
So he demanded 3 cabinet posts for his 3 heirs but when Congress said it can give only 2Cabinet posts+3 MoS he immediately showed his anger and returned to Chennai quitting even the Swearing ceremony!!!!
Another reason for his anger was Congress refused to make TR.Baalu(who allocated gas to his sons company illegally through his powers!) and Raasa(of 1lakh crore spectrum scam fame).
Many people(extremely innocent!!exactly)still believe that he is bargaining these posts for the welfare of his state!!!Truth is dat its just for the welfare of his party(here party means his family.dont mis-assume anything else!!!)
>>Finally he'll get what he wants..That'll happen for sure..He is known for his demanding power!!!

Securities in need

>Security for Agriculture(means not grabbing lands for useless filthy SEZ)
>Security financially(Not means a Nano for everyone but proper food and shelter for the downtrodden)
>Security for the country(Internal)(Not means suppressing minorities of a religion or giving condemn reports after attack but acting wisely to prevent attacks in advance)
>Security for the country(External)(Not means allocating all funds of a budget for buying weapons but giving low salary top army ppl but using weapons generously and encourage the Army in a positive manner.
>Security for power(Not means signing useless nuke deal which pollutes the sea and brings fishermen to road.But investing more on non-conventional sources)
>Security for food(Not means trying hard to bring the dangerous genetically modified crops which spoils the land into an impotent and spoils a farmers land totally)
>Security for money(Not meaning depending wholly on FII's which is like a cat one the wall.)
>Security for industries(Not means disinvesting all profit earning PSU's and begging the foreigner to invest or buy stake in it)

செவ்வாய், 19 மே, 2009


நேற்று பல ஊடகங்களில் காட்டப்பட்ட பிரபாகரன் என்று சொல்லப்படுகிற உடல் பலருக்கு பல சந்தேகங்களை கிளப்பி இருக்கிறது என்பது மறுக்க முயாத உண்மை..அவைகளில் சில:
>>முன்ன சொல்லப்பட்டது ஆம்புலன்சில் தப்பும் பொது சுடப்பட்டதாகவும் அம்புலன்சில் இருந்த ராக்கெட் லாஞ்சர் வெடித்தால் அவர் உடல் கருகி விட்டதாகவும் கூறப்பட்டது
>>ஆனால் நேற்று காட்டப்பட்ட உடல் இஸ்திரி போட்ட சீருடையுடனும் மழித்த முகத்துடனும் காட்டப்பட்டது.அது எப்படி??
>>நேற்று முன்தினம் சுட்ட ராணுவம் பிணத்தை அப்படியே போட்டுவிட்டு டி சாப்பிட சென்றுவிட்டு நேற்றுத்தான் பிணத்தை கைப்பற்றினார்கள?
>>ஒரு சர்வதேச தீவிரவாதி என கூறப்படும் ஒஉர்வரை சுட்ட பின் அப்பிணத்தை அனகேயே அலட்சியமாக இப்படிதான் போட்டுவிட்டு செலவரா?
>>ஆம்புலன்சை சுட்டபோது அதிலிருந்த ராக்கெட் லாஞ்சர் வெடித்து விட்டதாக கூறுவோர் நேற்று எடுக்கப்பட்ட உடலில் சிறு தீக்கயமும் இல்லாமல் இருந்தது எப்படி?
>>அவரின் முகம் 2004 -இல காணப்பட்டதை விட இப்போது இளமையாக இருப்பது எப்படி?
>>அவரது வலது புருவத்தில் இருந்த தழும்பது எங்கே?
>>பிணத்தை கைப்பற்றிய சில மணி நேரங்களிலேயே மரபணு சோதனை செய்யப்பட்டதாக சொல்கின்றனர்.
>>சாதரணமாக மரபணு சோதனை செய்ய குறைந்தது நான்கு நாட்கள் ஆகும் நிலையில் இரண்டு மணி நேரத்தில் எப்படி முடிந்தது?ராஜபக்சே மந்திரம் பண்ணிடானோ?
>>மேலும் மரபணு சோதனை செய்ய மாதிரி மரபனு தேவை.பிரபாகரனின் மாதிரி இவர்களிடம் எப்படி உள்ளது?
இப்படி பல கேள்விகளுக்கு ராஜபக்சே பதில் தயாரித்து கொண்டிருக்கிறான் போல..ஹ்ம்ம்

திங்கள், 18 மே, 2009

Poll results aftermath

With polls over after hectic personal attacks in the name of campaigning the results almost shocked everyone(including Dr.Singh who was sitting sad before TV at 8AM.)
So people(and money too) have given a clear mandate to Congress led UPA to lead cuntry once more.So what next?
What challenges or reforms need to be done?
-First the UPA should ensure proper security to the nation(doesnt mean giving condemning reports after blasts are over)
-Quicken the probe of Mumbai blast,Hyderabad blasts(most wouldve forgotten these after 26/11)
and get the people behind those incidents.
-Streamlining of NREGS scheme.Though it was announced that a daily wage of 80/= actually only 40/= is given(dont ask where the remainin has gone)
-NRHM scheme should be bribe-free
-Strong implementation of Child labour Act amendment(brought on 10.10.2006.It was in news that even Congress men who borught this amendment used children for their poll campaigns.stop these fools..)
-Women empowerment(Not mean more statues for Mayawati!!)
-Handling the Fiscal-deficit which has grown up so large in past yearsbecoz of many schemes.
-Withdraw the SEZ plans and give back the fertile lands that were acquired in the name of SEZ.
-Reforms should be there but not disinvesting every PSU which is running in profit(worth mentioning as Singh ll do this first.stop it)

வெள்ளி, 15 மே, 2009

Post-poll Scenario-1

With elections over after a tedious five rounds of hectic polling parties have started sending feelers to read the mind of all possible parties ready for coalition(Except BJP or Congress ,DMK or ADMK sending fellers mutually all other ve happened and more ll happen).
As i said earlier in my articles this election involved a campaign which is not problems (that the country is facing)but personal attacks were the limelight of the campaigning.Even if some parties did some problem related campaigning these problems were confined to their particular state,district or even Panchayats(as if this was a Local body election!!!).
So after sum exit polls parties have started wooing every possible alliance to get onto power no matter how much discrepiencies they've in between regarding policies.
This is just a pure run for power.Not for the benefit of the nation but for their mutual benefits(like u scrap my back i'll scrap yours).
This Communists withdrew support from the UPA Govt last year for pursuing with the Nuke deal with US.Even until before polls they refused any possible alliance with Congress(though Congress was suing Comrades in every possible way right through Manmohan to Rahul).
But now they are saying that they'll so anything to stop NDA coming into power.This word "anything" means alliance with Congress is possible..huh...so what theyll do with the so called Nuke deal that was accomplished earlier.Will that issue be washed out?
With Nitish claiming that party which is ready to give special status to Bihar will be his ally has dumped the National interests into a depth.
more to come......