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Kaminey & Jail films highlight the reality

Recently i saw these two movies Kaminey &Jail and i felt that lots of realities were highlighted in both the movies.
Charlie & Guddu (Shahid Kapoor) are twin brothers who are vengent enough with each other and havnt met since childhood.Both have some speech problem Charlie lisps(saying f for every s) while Guddu stammers.
Sweetie(Priyanka Chopra) loves Guddu but she feels that Guddu got teased&cheated by a girl.She acts to stammer while talking with him to make him comfortable &make him love her.
When Sweetie conceives of a mistakable night with Guddu she threatens him to marry her(While Guddu says he has plans to marry only in 2014) saying that her brother is Sunil Shekhar Bhope a rugged politician.He agrees to marry her while the marriage is on Bhope comes there and asks Guddu his full name when he says his last name Bhope & his rogue associates beat him up severely saying that he is a migrant from UP and Maharashtra is only for Marathis.
>Note that Vishal Bharadwaj needs to be appreciated for highligting boldly the reality by depicting Bhope in the place of the dready
Thackerey's that only Marathis should live in Maharashtra
(in one scene Guddu says"My dad said Maharahstra is like a drink and the migrants are like sugar for that Bhope says"we have sugar complaint and we dont need sugar".Such is the chauvinistic nature of some of the political parties.
The film goes on like this showing openly the worst reality prevalent in the society.

Another reality is when Charlie abducts a vehicle from the Hotel with the "Violin"(with drugs inside it) he and his asso's were stunned by the respect given by the Policemen.
He then discovers the shocking truth that its a Police Vehicle.Here another reality comes to light on the some of the corrupt Police involvement who are trying to get the drugs back to Tashi who they are afraid of.Like this the whole movie was a wonderful highlight of realities...Hats off to Vishal Bharadwaj(for a daring effort) & Priyanka Chopra(i dont think any other actress would've accepted to do such a role).

Madhur Bhandarkar is known for reality based & thought provoking movies and Jail is one such movie.
Parag Dixit(Neil Nitin Mukesh) works for a Finance company who gets promoted as a Regional Manager.He shares his appartment with his friend Keshav who shares not only apartment but his Mobile phone(which turns dangerous for Parag later) and his other ownings.
In a Police encounter Keshav dies(later after being in coma) in Police shot after killing a cop and
the Police arrests Parag with heavy amount of drugs in his car.
Parag gets shocked and refuses the claim that he was involved in drug peddling but the Police force him into jail& he is refused bail continuously.Her love Maansi finds a lawyer to bring him out.
>Here one needs to note the reality shown by Director that the lawyer she meets is only money minded.

He is sent to jail there he is stubborn at first and after a lot of ill-treatments & beatings he slowly gets adopted to surroundings.
Nawaab the jailer feels that he is innocent and shows concern for him.The film goes like this highlighting the darker and painful side of the jail and then Joe D Souza a posh inmate comes in touch with Parag.He says he is innocent just he took a "Bit" of drinks and drove a car & ran over six people in platform and killed them.
He curses them saying "Who asked them to live there "
>Here the mindset of the Elite people who never care about poor is highlighted

D'Souza gets released later &Parag gets angry that "I am innocent i am in but u killed people you are going out" & beats him.For that he is given a punishment of Dark cell for a month.Parag gets more insanely in that dark cell...and after pleading by Nawab he gets released in 20 days..
Another thing showed was a Don like Baba who gets everything he wants he has his assistants who fish for people who are willing to get off this hell.Those people are taken out and they are forced to kill people in turn to what they got(freedom).In such a deal one gets out and when he finds his wife with some other man he kills himself frustrated with the gun given to him to kill some other person intutn to his release.
Nawab warns Parag to keep away from Baba.
>Here another reality shown is that while innocent people suffer in jail those with money &influence can get away with their crimes.

>Another reality is that some people like Baba shown in the movie enjoy special privileges &they make use of the inmate's thirst for freedom for their own benefits and makes them a slaygoat

Also the inmates while being shifted to another jail torpdoes the van(with the help of Baba's associates) and escapes but Parag alone remains there.Finally he gets bail.
The movie ends with a slide"3.73 PRISONERS IN INDIA 2.45 MOT YET FOUND GUILTY"
Hats off to Madhur Bhandarkar for such a thought provoking
&hard-hitting film.

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Telengana the truth behind...

After a 11 day fast K Chandrashekar Rao (aka KCR) has achieved what he and his party and Telengana people desired for..a separate Telengana state..
The reason for which he and people there desired for a state was that the developmental activities went only to Hyderabad (in Telengana region) and other Districts were starved of Development..So they say if there is a separate state then more development can be brought to the region..
Oh then i wonder what was the purpose of creating a separate Chhattisgarh from MP..because it remains as a heaven ground for Naxalites an indirect indication to under development even after it has become a separate state..
So it show one thing..the people of a region want a separate state believing that it might bring development to their region..But the leaders of the region who fight for separate state use the people's desire for their own political growth..
When KCR was asked what plans he has for development of Telengana..he simply stared..That is the case with other leaders of newly bifurcated States
..But Soniaji was clever enough to approve Telengana keeping in mind her desire to make Rahul the PM in 2014..becaues Telengana has 19 MP seats which she doesnt dare to lose by denying a Separate Telengana..
Also she has plans that KCR would go along with Congress since it has approved Telengana state..
In other regions Congress plans to team up with Praja Rajyam..so on one hand it has facilitated Congress's plans to make Rahul as PM by covering up both the states..what about Telengana people?huh..as usual they will be starved fo development

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Liberhann report-A Joke out of crores

Already i wrote an article "Is Liberhan liberated?"
citing that the report was ready even before the elections but Congress delayed it to prevent BJP getting united over this issue and also it waited for the Maharashtra elections to get over.
The great cunning act by Congress was to leak the report wantedly(though P.Chidambaram promises on camphor that he wasnt responsible its the truth that he played a major role in leaking the report) to shut the mouth of BJP and also to divert and use this report to save the innocent PM Singh from other burning issues such as price rise, Madhu koda issues in the Parliament..
And whether the report has achieved abything the purpose it was formed for?
After spending a mind blowing 17 years and around 10 crores Liberhan has come up with what he was "Told" to report..That is praise Narashimha rao (For remaining a wonderful spectator?? during demolition) acquit him of spectatorship..stating that the Centre cant interfere too much in State affairs so Rao wasnt in a position to avert the demolition..huh..if that is so..then why the Centre appointed a comission to investigate into a what it calls a "State Affair"??

The report also called Vajpayee a "Pseudo moderate" which needs a deeper look into the affairs.
But the report has done the job atleast for the present turmoil by saving Singh who is busy touring every small country in the World map!! from the turmoils of price rise Koda issue &other headache(that the Centre thinks such)
Also the report hasnt clearly mentioned what punishment to be given to the demolishers..

And as usual this a report good feed for Press and TV for good circulation for atleast a month..after that as usual the Centre may go ahead with bowing to its Master America!!!...

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Pratheebaji What next as first?

Recent news was about Pratheeba Patil's Guinness record of flying in Sukhoi type aircraft at 900KMPH and became the first women in high profile to fly in such a aircraft type.It's ok as a women she has proved women are also fit for flying in warcrafts.
But people need to remember her another First time record she did before this.
It was her getting a legislative seat for her son Raosaheb Shekhawat in Amravati setting aside the long term Congress winner Sunil Deshmukh.Frustrated with the seat offering Sunil stood alone as a independent candidate against her son.But it went without saying the winning news of her son.
With that she has become the first president in India to get a seat for her heir by showing hr true Congress colour openly..(of course previous Presidents too had the political orientation but they never showed it open..)Her son was offered a seat by setting aside the loyal Congress member Sunil means a lot..it also shows the need for Congress party to have a President as an unnamed Congress member..so that they can do away with problems when they have so..
Huh...I never understood the need for President in a country like India..already there were lots of comments about this post as "Rubber Stamp"..ya it a rubber stamp and Prathibaji too is such a stamp with "HAND" symbol engraved in it!!!!!huh hail democracy

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Isnt a life a vote?

The recent worst incident was Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was at Chandigarh’s Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research ..No that's not the worst one..the worst one lies behind this was Sumit Prakash Verma a 32 year old dies of delay in providing treatment for kidney failure.His vehicle was stopped by the "Sincere" security officials from entering ther Hospital citing security reasons(like LeT terrorists was in disguise as kidney patient!!!well they may even say that as well to hide this crap incident!!)
After hearing the death news as usual PMO has expressed deeeep concern and has provided a compensation of 2 lakh rupees for his life..(oh..then PM can also carry 2 lakh rupees along with him when some terrorists try to attack him he provide them that money instead of his life!!!huh whats nonsense..isnt that a great loss for his wife and children will 2 lakh rupees going to compromise that in any way?No..
The lesson need to be learned is that if the PM CM or any M want to conduct any Government function they can conduct in their office itself..it'll be of two use:one is people can be spared of annoying traffic blocks and two in a deep recession many money can be saved in organising functions vehicles &people in the name of crowd..will they do it?
They need not see people as human beings atleast cant see them as votes which help these M's to come back to power?

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Austerity Drama

The recent drama by the Congress is Austerity Drama.That is by enforcing( have to use this word as even SM.Krishna and Sharad Pawar will agree with this word!!!)ministers to travel by economy class in Planes they are going to save crores and crores which inturn will be used to procure food materials and distribute them to poor in ration!!What a joke!!
The reason Congress states as the reason for the need for austerity is Drought and recession..!!
Rahul went onto performing an Oscar winning act by travelling in train to Ludhiana..
As Sarojini Naidu commented in Gandhi's austerity as "Much of the taxpayer's money is being spent to keep Gandhi in poverty!!"..That is Gandhiji used to travel in 3rd class in trains such that the whole compartment will be reserved for him!!!wow what an austerity!!That should be the first limelight drama staged by the Congress i think.
There was also a truth that came out that only 500/- bucks were saved by Rahul's travel in train..because that much amount of money had to be spent to carry along with him security assistants etc..etc..!!!
So why such an unwanted drama?Whats the need?will the prices of essential commodities going to come down by such dramas?
Why not Congress stress Ministers to accept a salary cut and other useless provisions for so called "poor" MP's such as free 1lakh phone calls free travel free electricity?
Because Congress isnt actually interested to bear the burden of recession by doing all these..instead they just want to show off..mere tokenism isnt going to do anything like Mayawati erecting statues of Dalit leaders calling it as act to imporve the livelihood of Dalits isnt anyway different from waht Congress is doing.
-Instead they should cut off the unwanted 100 cars going in front and back as convoys and they should also cut the concession of Minsters in telephone bills electricity bills ,Bungalows and they should cut off unwanted flying to foreign countries.
-Cut off the unwanted lights glowing 5 kms around the circumference of the stage where Minster's are taking part..
-Take actions to ensure proper food commodities are procured by the Govt and ensure a price check..
That'll be thee true austerity..mere tokenism wont fetch any fruit for the nation

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Is Liberhan "Liberated?"

After a mind blowing investigation for 17 years the Liberhan Comission report is on the table.Its said that the report was ready even before elections but Congress dint want to release the report because it feared that the report may unite all the Navagrahas of BJP.
So what about presenting the report in the Parliament now?
No it wont.Because with Maharashtra state elections in October it doesnt want to test it dignity.Because the Maha CM candidate Ashok Chavan is the son of SB chavan who was the then Union Home Minister when Babri Masjid demolition occured.So if Congress had to blame on BJP aka RSS for the demolition inturn it'll boomerang back to Congress that SB Chavan failed to avert the misery which inturn will affect the winning of the party there in Maha.So most probably it'll be tabled after that.
But as like other reports&comissions this will also be discounted news after a week of report presentation.What else can we expect from these parties?
May Liberhan wouldve felt liberated after submission of the report but not justice isnt.

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Statues and Stature

The recent controversy was brought out by Ravikant an advocate filing a PIL(Public Interest Litigation) against UP CM Mayawati for misusing the state funds of around 2000crores for erecting statues of her,her party symbol(Elephant) & Late leader Khashi Ramji all over Lucknow.
The Supreme Court has issued a Showcause notice to the State Govt regarding this issue.
But Maya was clever enough to unveil the statues 9 days ahead of the proposed statue unveiling ceremony fearing a stay from the court in this issue.Also Opposition SP leader Mulayam was planning a protest against this on July 3.
But she unveiled the statues(mostly half sculptured) days before these events just to show her power.
When asked about this she said "If the Indian Govt would've taken interest in unveiling the statues of Dalit icons Dr.Ambedkar & Khanshi Ramji she wouldnt have done this.
Ok she may be right but is this the way to show her "Dalit saviour"Image?
Does mere opening of Dalit icon statues bring up the standard of living of Dalits?
With around more than 5 crore people in UP striving in poverty does spending 2000Cr on statues get justified?No definitley not.
Instead it'll sow hatred in the minds of people which may turn up against her in the elections.
Instead of these statues which is used by crows and birds to excrete or used by other caste people trying to degrade the Dalits they may simply end up degrading these Dalit icon statues and even that of Maya's.
Instead of unveiling statues of her and other icons she can use the state funds to provide employment and upliftment of the Dalits.They dont need statues they need atleast some respect in this so called Secular state.So its hightime Maya stop spending state funds on statues and instead use it for upliftment of the deprived and denofied community..
If she does that she'll stand in the hearts of the people and her stature will rise.Not statues will do this..

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Coward para military force

Yes that's the ground realty whom people call as brave and tough.No they arent so.
Para military forces were employed to relieve Lalgarh from the clutches of Maoists as all know.
Its a dense jungle area with lots of road-bends and culverts.Few days back when the forces were on an liberation plan a mine blew up when they were crossing a culvert and many were injured.But after that whenever these forces come across a culvert or bridge or a road-bend they are so scared to cross fearing when a mine will blast from where.
So what about the bomb disposal squads?Only one squad is present(that too only two mebers in it).The other team is kept in reserve for VIP's and the third team is cooling its heels in Kolkatta.
Since they dont have enough bomb disposal squads what they do is force the local youths to check for mines whenever the forces come across a culvert or a road bend.
These youths fearfully does this job or else they will be shot dead.
Shame on Para military forces.Is this the way to force people?then what about your job of saving people?whats the differnce between these forces and Naxals?
What if any youth dies of get injured while finding a mine?Is just giving a money compensation enough?

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Maoists "Red" face

With Maoists capturing (and it was freed too)Lalgarh and Midnapore and other areas of West Bengal nothing can be more irritating the eyes of the comrades who were enjoying a monopolic rule for more than 30 years in WB.
Its said maoists are using the tribal people there as human shields to protect themselves from military forces.
They are also blasting bridges digging roads so that military forces are kept away.
Where did it began?why their attacks have become so intense?
It all began in 60's and in 80's when the comrades Govt suppressed the maoists successfully.But why it has become intense now?Some incidents worth mentioning:
>>In 2007 the West Bengal government decided to allow Salim Group to set up a chemical hub at Nandigram under the SEZ policy . This led to resistance by the villagers resulting in clashes with the police that left 14 villagers dead, and accusations of police brutality.
>>Singur gained international media attention since Tata Motors started constructing a factory to manufacture their 1Lakh car, the Tata Nano at Singur. The small car was scheduled to roll out of the factory by 2008. The choice of Singur was made by the company among six sites offered by the state government. The project faced massive opposition from 2,000 of the 12,000 displaced farmers.This was intensified by the support of Mamata Banarjee and other famous people like Medha Pathkar Arundathi Roy and others.
>>>>On Nov.2 2008 a massive land mine blasted but the CM's convoy escaped it while he was returning after inaugrating Jindal Steel works SEZ in West Midnapore Dt.
After this incident the Adivasis in Lalgarh where tortured(women in particualr)by the Police in the name of the blast probe.This also created agile in Tribals mind and this lead to the formation of People's Committee against Police Atrocities(PCPA).
These instances have lead to Maoists agitating violently against the Govt.
>>Targetting individual CPI leaders torching their party office are things are really un acceptable.Though these actions couldve made Mamata and her ally Congress happy.
The Congress is keeping mum because they want CPI to face some tremor though they have already faced one in the name of election results.
But this is not the way to take revenge on CPI.These Maoists may spread more into other districts which will become a head ache to the silent happy spectator Congress which is ruling the country.
>>So what they must do now is not just waging a battle against the Maoists(they may win now but Maoists will agitate again later,its unending) but they should take steps for the welfare of the denotified tribals and they should be provided proper compensations for atrocities done earlier against them and they should be provided with basic amenities to live a peaceful life.

>>Also they shouldnt grab fertile lands for so called SEZ plans(i mena both WB govt and the Central Govt).SEZ's can be avoided and inturn companies can be established without SEZ status.Because these SEZ's cant be controlled by the Indian laws.
Also while establishing companies it should be seen to that no fertile land is being i utilised for this purpose.
>>For the ruling CPI comrades:where have all your agendas that were once focussing on peoples welfare gone?What you people have done for WB for the past 30 years ?Why have started singing back tunes to capitalist forces such as Tata?You people need to discuss it sort out the p[roblems if you want to come to power again in WB.

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Left,Right&Rift-Courtesy centrists

>>>Is right "Right?":Though left and right dont have any policies in common they have one thing in common now.That too after the elections in particular.That is rift in the party.
When we look right(BJP) the former opposition leader Jaswanth Singh has come forward with tonnes of allegantions against the way in which the party acted before and after the elections.
He is backed by other leaders such as Arun Shorie &Yaswanth Sinha.Why is he fuming?
The main reason is the oppointment of Arun Jaitley as the opposition leader of Rajya Sabha over riding the choice of himself.
Also other leaders like Rajanath Singh wanted to take over the party as leader after Advani "played" a resignation drama.He then got convinced(drama was over soon!!!!) to continue as the leader.
But when Advani was in the small gap of period of his resignation drama he appointed Sushma Swaraj as deputy opposition leader to Lok Sabha and also made Arun Jaitley.
This kindled agile among the party members.
Also every leader in the party wrote their own stories for the reson of a big blow they got in elections.This upsetted Jaswanth and others.
So the party has now become like Ganesh yatra where lots of idols are drowned into the sea!!!!!!..

>>Left-Is there any moral "Left?":
Another party which got affected by a rift are the Marxists though the main reason maynt be the election results(but its also one of the reason).
Even before the elections the rift between CPI(M) party State Secretary(Kerala) Pinarayi Vijayan and the State CM Achuthananthan was widely seen.But none expected the rift to play foul for themselves in the state.
The ruling Cabinet committee(Kerala) defended Pinarayi in SNC Lavalin scam by preventing CBI from taking action against him.But there came a blow for the party with State Governor RS.Gavai allowing CBI to take its own course of action.
Marxixts went to extreme extent by threatening Governor thorugh hoax calls organising bandhs and damaging public property.
But the rift was in the limelight when Achuthananthan commented on this Governor's permission as "As expected earlier".This has provoked agile among the other ministers of the state who have complained to the National party leaders.
Also Parakash Karat came under fire after elections for his idea to form a non-Congress and non-BJP Govt which has proved fatile for the party.
.So the centrists(Congress) has created a big rift in both Left and Right..
lets c what next.....

செவ்வாய், 9 ஜூன், 2009

CPI(M) is there any justice "Left"?

With CPI(M) announced openly that it'll defend its State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan in SNC Lavalin case nothing can be worst to spoil the little left morality in that party.
Governor RS Gavai allowing the CBI to investigate the prosecution against Pinarayi which hiked up the agile among the comrades.I mean i shouldnt say comrades in general because the allies of the ruling CPI(M) that is RSP and CPI hasnt come forward to defend Pinarayi which shows an axe in between the allies.
The Marxists called up for a strike damaged public properties and caused nuisance to the public in the name if defending an accused.
They say this case is "Politically motivated".ok if that's true why cant they allow justice to take its own course of action.As per their statement Pinarayi is "innocent"..ok..if thats so let him face the case bravely without kindling the party members which inturn affects the public life.
He should come forward to co-operate with CBI as party members feel he is innocent.
Instead threatening the Governor thorugh hoax calls wont help them in any way.Instead it'll spoil the little bit good name the party has..
This may be a fist of its kind bribery case against a comrade in histroy but they should allow the law to take its course instead of hiding behind the party..

ஞாயிறு, 7 ஜூன், 2009

Formals and global warming

The topic may look strange but this is also one of the reasons.
Every organisation(mean white collar job like IT) insists on their employees(i mean male)to come in formals.This means put the button on the cuffs of ur shirt put the collar button so that one will suffocate!!!Also tie a tight fabric piece(called tie)around the neack so that one will have to do an himalayan task while addressing a speech!!
Also put a coat over the short even at scorching summer temps around 40 Degrees.Cover the foot too with shoes.huh....so in what way this is related to global warming?ya ll tell.
Because of this so called "Torturing formals" organisations have to do something to prevent their employees from dehydration..if they are left in the room conditions.So what they do for that?
Keep the Air conditioning at sub zero levels so that people can survive in formals..
because of this act it goes without saying its contributing to global warming(i mean running a/c's at sub zero levels).
These formals were invented by foreigners to survive the biting cold conditions that prevailed in the West.But why the hell Indians copy this in a scorching tropical country like India?whats the need to wear tight neck stangling formals and running a/c's at sub-zero levels?
Why cant they get off with this useless(no way formals contribute to productivity as i think)formals so that the globe can be saved(as the need to run a/c at sub-zero can be avoided and it can be run at normal condition)
....will the companies think about this?

செவ்வாய், 2 ஜூன், 2009

Madam Speaker

Amidst all odds,frustration and surprise over the winning of congress back to power another thing came as a surprise.Its the appointment of first lady speaker in the Parliament.Meira Kumar.
Though she maynt be the first Dalit speaker for the Parliament(Late GMC.Balayogi holds that fame)
she is the first women speaker.
This is a smart move by the Congress where it already doesnt have any strong opposition to fight or argue against it.
Even if there is such an argument or fight none can go offensive against the speaker(as they did against Somnath)because none would dare to get a bad name for going offensive against a Dalt women.
Yes its a good move.But she should prove her unbiased nature(!!?) and should run the parliament in a smooth and co-operative manner.lets see....

வெள்ளி, 29 மே, 2009

Oh finally deal accomplished

>>Finally he'll get what he wants..That'll happen for sure..He is known for his demanding power!!! //////(See my DMK's drama article)
this was said last week before cabinet formation and now my words have been proved.

Rasa back as IT&Comm minister(many really wonder over his selction over riding Dayanidhi)
Daya not as many expected got Textile.
The reason Mk always wants Rasa as minster is not for his calibre but becoz of the caste he belongs to.
If anyone asks MK what have you done for SC/ST's he'll immediately write a poem that he made Rasa as a minster to give pride to his community.huh..nothing to say more redg this long live democracy
And Azhagiri as against many compalints about his inability in English and Hindi he was made Chemical and ferilizers minstry.(donno what he gonna do there..let us wait and see)

ஞாயிறு, 24 மே, 2009

ATM's Some problem and solutions

With ATM' becoming a part of life of every one let me lists some problems faced and
some solutions regarding it:

>Withdrawal of Inter bank transaction charges:
With RBI withdrawing inter bank transaction charges evry ATM(even one which was
being used as a vegetable godown is now crowded!!)is crowded.
Particularly SBI has largest no. of a/c holders the reason being most of the Govt
employees salaries are being despatched only through it.So these customers throng
other ATM's too resulting in drying off money in cenres and crowding.
Every bank must ensure they have enough ATM centres and if possilbe install
multiple machines in the same centre to avoid crowding and their customers
thronging other bank centres.

>"Base" problem:
In Most or all ATM's the base of the machine is not cemented to the floor of the
center.Recently a gang took the machine in a van claiming they are service men to
repair the machine.
Cement the base to the floor

>Burglar alarm:
All banks have burglar alarms attached to their lockers so that if anyone tries to
tamper it alarm will be activated in the nearest Polic station.But such a alarm is
not there in these ATM machines.
Attach proper activating alarm to every machine so that the nearest Polic station
gets note of something offensive going on.

>Position of Surveillance camera:
All ATM centres have surveillance cams on the wall above the machines so that if a
person comes in with a cap worn his /her face maynot be recorded properly .
Place a cam next to the screen so that the face is recorded even if cap or helmet
>Ensuring security and money:
The most common problem in every ATM center is money getting dried off and people
has to find other centres.And in some centres there are no security people
facilitating robbery.Also absence of security makes it tougher for people(less
educated) who doesnt know the procedure for taking money form the machines
Ensuring presence of security personnel and frequent watch on the money in the
machines do that it can be refilled quickly when dried off avoiding long /queues
and wasting time.

வெள்ளி, 22 மே, 2009

DMK'S drama

The DMK leader MK is well versed in writing scripts for not only films but also for politics as all know.
He previuosly staged the Fasting drama saying it for the cause of Eelam.He went to the extent of saying (made PC to say)that the war is over once SL govt saw his fasting!!!!.oh..people and Opposition made fun of him.And during election campaign time he feared to reply the arrows of Q's fired by Jaya and he got himself admitted to Hospital saying he isnt well.
Even when all people and Opposition demanded him to goto Delhi to press the Central Govt for a caesefire in Lanka he said he cant go due to illness.
But now when the new Govt is on the verge of Formation he rushed to Delhi(oh..so now he is ok it seems..huh)to grab seats for his Beloved Daughter and Son and his Grand nephew.
So he demanded 3 cabinet posts for his 3 heirs but when Congress said it can give only 2Cabinet posts+3 MoS he immediately showed his anger and returned to Chennai quitting even the Swearing ceremony!!!!
Another reason for his anger was Congress refused to make TR.Baalu(who allocated gas to his sons company illegally through his powers!) and Raasa(of 1lakh crore spectrum scam fame).
Many people(extremely innocent!!exactly)still believe that he is bargaining these posts for the welfare of his state!!!Truth is dat its just for the welfare of his party(here party means his family.dont mis-assume anything else!!!)
>>Finally he'll get what he wants..That'll happen for sure..He is known for his demanding power!!!

Securities in need

>Security for Agriculture(means not grabbing lands for useless filthy SEZ)
>Security financially(Not means a Nano for everyone but proper food and shelter for the downtrodden)
>Security for the country(Internal)(Not means suppressing minorities of a religion or giving condemn reports after attack but acting wisely to prevent attacks in advance)
>Security for the country(External)(Not means allocating all funds of a budget for buying weapons but giving low salary top army ppl but using weapons generously and encourage the Army in a positive manner.
>Security for power(Not means signing useless nuke deal which pollutes the sea and brings fishermen to road.But investing more on non-conventional sources)
>Security for food(Not means trying hard to bring the dangerous genetically modified crops which spoils the land into an impotent and spoils a farmers land totally)
>Security for money(Not meaning depending wholly on FII's which is like a cat one the wall.)
>Security for industries(Not means disinvesting all profit earning PSU's and begging the foreigner to invest or buy stake in it)

செவ்வாய், 19 மே, 2009


நேற்று பல ஊடகங்களில் காட்டப்பட்ட பிரபாகரன் என்று சொல்லப்படுகிற உடல் பலருக்கு பல சந்தேகங்களை கிளப்பி இருக்கிறது என்பது மறுக்க முயாத உண்மை..அவைகளில் சில:
>>முன்ன சொல்லப்பட்டது ஆம்புலன்சில் தப்பும் பொது சுடப்பட்டதாகவும் அம்புலன்சில் இருந்த ராக்கெட் லாஞ்சர் வெடித்தால் அவர் உடல் கருகி விட்டதாகவும் கூறப்பட்டது
>>ஆனால் நேற்று காட்டப்பட்ட உடல் இஸ்திரி போட்ட சீருடையுடனும் மழித்த முகத்துடனும் காட்டப்பட்டது.அது எப்படி??
>>நேற்று முன்தினம் சுட்ட ராணுவம் பிணத்தை அப்படியே போட்டுவிட்டு டி சாப்பிட சென்றுவிட்டு நேற்றுத்தான் பிணத்தை கைப்பற்றினார்கள?
>>ஒரு சர்வதேச தீவிரவாதி என கூறப்படும் ஒஉர்வரை சுட்ட பின் அப்பிணத்தை அனகேயே அலட்சியமாக இப்படிதான் போட்டுவிட்டு செலவரா?
>>ஆம்புலன்சை சுட்டபோது அதிலிருந்த ராக்கெட் லாஞ்சர் வெடித்து விட்டதாக கூறுவோர் நேற்று எடுக்கப்பட்ட உடலில் சிறு தீக்கயமும் இல்லாமல் இருந்தது எப்படி?
>>அவரின் முகம் 2004 -இல காணப்பட்டதை விட இப்போது இளமையாக இருப்பது எப்படி?
>>அவரது வலது புருவத்தில் இருந்த தழும்பது எங்கே?
>>பிணத்தை கைப்பற்றிய சில மணி நேரங்களிலேயே மரபணு சோதனை செய்யப்பட்டதாக சொல்கின்றனர்.
>>சாதரணமாக மரபணு சோதனை செய்ய குறைந்தது நான்கு நாட்கள் ஆகும் நிலையில் இரண்டு மணி நேரத்தில் எப்படி முடிந்தது?ராஜபக்சே மந்திரம் பண்ணிடானோ?
>>மேலும் மரபணு சோதனை செய்ய மாதிரி மரபனு தேவை.பிரபாகரனின் மாதிரி இவர்களிடம் எப்படி உள்ளது?
இப்படி பல கேள்விகளுக்கு ராஜபக்சே பதில் தயாரித்து கொண்டிருக்கிறான் போல..ஹ்ம்ம்

திங்கள், 18 மே, 2009

Poll results aftermath

With polls over after hectic personal attacks in the name of campaigning the results almost shocked everyone(including Dr.Singh who was sitting sad before TV at 8AM.)
So people(and money too) have given a clear mandate to Congress led UPA to lead cuntry once more.So what next?
What challenges or reforms need to be done?
-First the UPA should ensure proper security to the nation(doesnt mean giving condemning reports after blasts are over)
-Quicken the probe of Mumbai blast,Hyderabad blasts(most wouldve forgotten these after 26/11)
and get the people behind those incidents.
-Streamlining of NREGS scheme.Though it was announced that a daily wage of 80/= actually only 40/= is given(dont ask where the remainin has gone)
-NRHM scheme should be bribe-free
-Strong implementation of Child labour Act amendment(brought on 10.10.2006.It was in news that even Congress men who borught this amendment used children for their poll campaigns.stop these fools..)
-Women empowerment(Not mean more statues for Mayawati!!)
-Handling the Fiscal-deficit which has grown up so large in past yearsbecoz of many schemes.
-Withdraw the SEZ plans and give back the fertile lands that were acquired in the name of SEZ.
-Reforms should be there but not disinvesting every PSU which is running in profit(worth mentioning as Singh ll do this first.stop it)

வெள்ளி, 15 மே, 2009

Post-poll Scenario-1

With elections over after a tedious five rounds of hectic polling parties have started sending feelers to read the mind of all possible parties ready for coalition(Except BJP or Congress ,DMK or ADMK sending fellers mutually all other ve happened and more ll happen).
As i said earlier in my articles this election involved a campaign which is not problems (that the country is facing)but personal attacks were the limelight of the campaigning.Even if some parties did some problem related campaigning these problems were confined to their particular state,district or even Panchayats(as if this was a Local body election!!!).
So after sum exit polls parties have started wooing every possible alliance to get onto power no matter how much discrepiencies they've in between regarding policies.
This is just a pure run for power.Not for the benefit of the nation but for their mutual benefits(like u scrap my back i'll scrap yours).
This Communists withdrew support from the UPA Govt last year for pursuing with the Nuke deal with US.Even until before polls they refused any possible alliance with Congress(though Congress was suing Comrades in every possible way right through Manmohan to Rahul).
But now they are saying that they'll so anything to stop NDA coming into power.This word "anything" means alliance with Congress is possible..huh...so what theyll do with the so called Nuke deal that was accomplished earlier.Will that issue be washed out?
With Nitish claiming that party which is ready to give special status to Bihar will be his ally has dumped the National interests into a depth.
more to come......

வியாழன், 30 ஏப்ரல், 2009

Quatrochi Aquitted by Congress Bureau of Invstgn

Ottavio Quatrocchi the accused in the Bofors scandal has been receomded by the CBI to Interpol to remove him from seacrh list or Red corner notice.
The reason CBI is statin is that it was done on the instruction given by the Attorney General(AG).
AG says this notice has given on his name twice (Each notice has a life-span of 5 years)but he hasnt been remanded those two times and there is no "valuable grounds" in which he needs to be remanded again.huh...
Already one of the accused Rajiv Gandhi has died even while the investigation was on.now Q has been acquitted.
The Law minster Bharadwaj has remarked"Its not a case,its just politics"huh.,..what to say?
Already Jagdish Tyltler was acquitted by CBI in Sikh riot case...now the dready Q too..
Former CBI director Joginder Singh has said that the agency had enough proof that Q looted around 17$million due to this deal between Bofors and the Indian Govt.
Then?why he was acquitted?just coz he was a close friend of Antonio Maino Sonia.
THIS ISNT Central Bureau of Investigation...

திங்கள், 27 ஏப்ரல், 2009

Kalaignar's stunt

Another stunt by so called Kalaignar-tamizhina thalaivar
All of a sudden he took a fast "Fast".Even his family members arnt aware of his decision.
And when the news spreaded over the state shops were threatened to close and buses were blocked and attacked by udanpirappugal.
The fast was started fastly and also it ended fastly.
Suddenly a news was spread that the Sri Lankan Govt has announced a cease-fire(it wasnt a news actually its a rumour)to facilitate MK to end his fast citing this reason.MK ended fast immediately and his udanpirappugal celebrated his success(!!!??).dont know what has been achieved.SL has refused the cease-fire announcement.The dracula Rajapakse wont stop until he sucks all the blood from the Tamils..
Just another great political stunt by MK...
lets see whthr it facilitates votes in his favour

ஞாயிறு, 26 ஏப்ரல், 2009


The recent allegation brought out by Advani is that Indian riches are having around 70Lakh crores in Swiss Banks.
He is also has a plan to get out the money to India in 100days(is dat a movie produciton r what?)
But he fails to explain how he will do that.Because Swiss banks doesnt allow even the CIA or the intelligent groups to gather information regarding their clients.
America has got the list of the account holders but hasnt taken any notable action.
But our LK is boasting that he'll bring the money..huh..
This seems very rarely possible because bringing or even gathering the information regarding account holders seems impossible..
Though the idea was good it seems highly impossible..just a stunt

ஞாயிறு, 19 ஏப்ரல், 2009

Shame on Times group

The Times group recently received comdemn and had even a case filed against it for sensationalizing the rape of a student in Tata Institute of Social Science.
What this daily magazine Mumbai mirror(a Times group)has published is that the deatiled compalint made by the victim to the Police and the magazine has also described her identity in detail.what the hell is this?
In a male chauvinistic society already women are being victimised .Its the responsibility of the media to come in support of them.But if even they are sensationalizing a rape case means where can these women go?
Now everyone in the college has come to know who is the victim.Now how can that girl continue her studies there?
How are they going to compromise the dignity lost by that innocent girl?By money?by apology?huh..it cant be compromised.Senseless idiots
If the magazines want sensation then let them cover the election campaign which has the most.
Let them not play with a gals life.

Campaining trend-1

The style of campaining has seen a sea-change over years..
Previously it was like slamming the opposition party(ruling) for not doing good things,not dealing with terrorism,unemployment..etc.etc..and putting forth their agendas..like how they ll deal with terrorism,education etc..etc..
But today the situation has worsened such that no party ever cared about the Mumbai or other terror attacks or the denofied North-East.
No party has come up with a clear agenda as to how they will deal with terrorism if voted to power.This applies to unemployment,education,.health facilities,or ever lasting poverty.
What these parties campaign is dusting off the past(Babari Masjid demolition,Sikh riots..etc..etc)as to who was responsible for these .
Is this the need of the hour?
Does lamenting or fighting about the past going to fetch anythng good for the country?
No.Pity on the nation and the so called democracy..huh..

சனி, 18 ஏப்ரல், 2009

A cruel act on a child

Yesterday news channels were busy in repeating a particular news even amidst election gudhiya's nd budhiyaas..it was a Gal child 11yrs old doing her 2nd std in a Delhi school was in da ICU nd she has died.
Whats da reason 4 her death?
Her teacher Manju banged her head in da table nd asked her 2 stand in the sun with bricks on her shoulder.for what?
For not pronouncing A..B..C..D.
huh...if she has such a cruel thirst for punishing she might ve joined the Indian Army or even Talibans in the Swat valley and start torturing people..why the hell she is a teacher..
with Govt insistin on Children education if teachers are acting like cannibals then who'll admit their children to school.?
with already many deaths encountered like this in previous years(same case of cannibalism of teachers on students leading to death)what has the Govt or the School management has done to stop this cruel activity?Nothing..
even this news will be blinking in Flash for few days and the media will again start relaying those useless"Gudhiya and Budhiya"comments on each other politicians...huh..I pity on children

திங்கள், 13 ஏப்ரல், 2009

49"0" da contrary side

The election comission myt've received sum appreciation 4m ppl who ve been demanding 2 bring 49 'o' option while voting...ya..it has atlast done da ryt thing..
When a voter doesnt want 2 vote 4 any of the contesting candidates he/she can use the 49 'O' option...that he isnt willing 2 vote 4 anyone..thats a gud thing no doubt...
But the contrary is in the implimentation..
This 49 'o' option isnt included as a button in the EVM(Electronic Voting Machine)..
if any1 wants 2 cast this 49 'o' optiin he/she has to get a separate form nd fill it up nd give it to da booth officer..
The threat is dat the all party candidates workers ll be dere in da booth..so they ll "Make a note of" the one who casted dis vote..nd he/she may be done away(take dis in any meaning)..so let th EC provide a button option so that 49 '0' is casted with secrecy..lets hope itll be done this tym itself...

புதன், 8 ஏப்ரல், 2009

"PC" cuming...."shhhhhoe....."

Yesterday an act dat wouldve been replayed more than IPL was the hurling of shoe on none other than ..whom is said 2 be 2nd in the race..after pulling off Pranab out of the race..as a trusty person of Soniaji....CHIDAMBARAM....
He was answering the Q's posted over him in a "Convenient way"(both 2 him nd da Congress)...
ie.,when Jarnail Singh(who tossed shoe over our "Honble Min")..came up with a compalint that the Congress Govt Guided (or forced) the CBI..2 cum up with a clean chit for Jagdish Tytler(Who was said 2 be instrumental in mass genocied of Sikhs after Indira Gandhi was assasinated by a Sikh)...our Min conveniently replied"the matter is in the courts..CBI has only given a guidance 2 da court...its 4 da court 2 decide on Jagdish.
Coz of dis reply Jaranail singh got anguish nd hurled a shoe at PC..
But dis is regular news...but sum fishy things are:
-But whats fishy is that how cum the camera was covering da journalists(which never happens anywhr)..hurling of shoe is completely covered in vdo..hows dat possible?was any1 aware of dat before?
-nd Jarnail hurled the shoe so gently so that Min can avoid it by moving behind gently..howz dat?whn a person is anguish will he throw da shoe gently?..
hmm...sum drama has been staged for elections..

திங்கள், 6 ஏப்ரல், 2009

The peak act of barbarianism-PART1

Ya...the peak act has been staged...none other than the Democratic(!!!!???)pillar called Pak....
In SWAT valley(whr da Pak govt came up with a consensus with da Taliban....)
A gal (in her teens aged 17)was hogged up with her hands and legs heldup by the talibanic animals.....
The reason?has she invented any Atomic bomb r did she spoke 4 da democracy(which is the biggest crime in Pak)..
No...she dint do anythng mentioned abv...wht she did?
she had an affair with a guy...so she was given this brutal punishment...huh.then wht abt dat guy?was he picking flowers?he too shld be punished ..but not..
coz da sum religious laws tells dat a guy can ve 10000 wives but a gal shld ve only one..she shld be a child fetching machine...dats all....huh...whts dis?does da God(i don blv but ppl say dat such thng exist)..preached dese?beat up women nd imprison them in da homes?
if God wldve said such thng then no need 4 God at all...
but here da Indian Govt dint raise its voice against dis...
coz they r secular masks....
Contd in 2nd part....more 2 cum....

சனி, 4 ஏப்ரல், 2009

Lahore Attack..

Another attack in Pak..none other than da place whr SL cricketers whr targetted nd attacked..
Even b4 dat attack's sound fade anthr attack in da same Lahore..
dis shows da impoetency of da Govt 2 combat terrorism dat has gone deep-rooted into da Pak soil...
Whts da reason?Why da terrorists r wandering nd attacking whrevr they want?
One of da main resaon is ..Pak tried to bleed India with a thousand cuts by allowing terrorist outfits 2 practise terrorism in deir own Pak soil...
ya they practised nd they tested their skills dere in Pak itself...even then Pak dint take any stern action r tot of da crisis ahead...
Instead they encouraged them.2 do wht they want..
Also in democratic rule was in power in between armies rule ...
So it was easy 4 da Talibans nd other outfits 2 strengthen their networks...in nd around Pak..
They tested dere in Kashmir nd finally in Mumbai...
The problem is nthng...just a snake brought up by da owner is tightening its grip over da owners neck itself...huh..

வெள்ளி, 27 மார்ச், 2009


Every hype is created around da "Third front"(whthr its in front r not)...
hmm...with da dawn of Third front every party leader has started dreaming of da Prime post..PM post...
From Sharad Pawar..to Mayawati...evry one is boasting dat they r capable of doing dat..
da problem isnt dat...
da problem is why dis Third front has been formed on what basis?
whthr it was formed on a common policy r common agenda r coomon view on most issues?
The answer is a "Big NO"...
This front was formed only on local nd national pressure on individual parties..
This is just a time-being alliance...which will break post polls...
With da nation needing a Satable Govt..to solve da probs its facing..this third front can provide no light for da democartic pillar...
Coz of dis front most regional parties have planned 2 goto polls alone .ie.,w/o any alliance with national parties....
This front has done one thng 4 sure.it has kindled da PM dream 4 every party leader...hmm..

வெள்ளி, 13 மார்ச், 2009


MM....now again a political drama has been staged..but the stage is different..its the place dat was once said to be an autonomous unbiased structure.dats Election comission...
with CEC(former now)Gopalswami staging multiple complaints against the then Election Comissioner Navin Chawla(now Chief EC)...the drama went to the peak stage...
with Congress blaming Gopalswami for acting for the BJP,the BJP said the other way..that's Navin Chawla is "for the congress by the congress &of the congress"(hmm..a new expln for congress)...
But now things ve changed...with elections nearing,Navin Chawla has been appointed as the CEC..
what to say?
the only non-political organisation has been painted political paint

சனி, 7 மார்ச், 2009

Pub attack and Water content

Recent pub attacks has received unprecedented condemns from all over India...
Yaa its definitley an act of hooliganism.People who boast of culture and tradition consider harrassing women also in that category..mm may be a misconception..
But what about the effect of alcohol on women.Is that in equal proportion to men?No is the answer..

Becoz the water content in the body of men and women vary..Men have higher water content compared to women...Bcoz of that the concentration of alcohol dissolved in blood is higher in women than in men..This results in following efforts:
-women develop alcohol induced liver diseases faster than men
-alcohol hepatitis
-Affect the baby if breast fed
-Prone to Breast cancer
-alcohol hepatitis...and so on...
so let the women decide whether they want to rule tha world or get ruled by alcohol

வெள்ளி, 20 பிப்ரவரி, 2009

TV-The unethical face

Everyone finds joy in hanging in front of TV.(No matter what content they provide).
Already there were criticization about the live telecast of Mumbai terror attacks paving way for terrorists to act accordingly.In this critical situation another problem is on the way.
Jade Goody(of Big brother,Bigg Boss fame)is suffering from cervical cancer.
The thing is that she wants her "last days"(she is dieing of cancer) to be live telecast on TV.
The TV concern has also approved her wish.
If this happens every TV ll be busy living the last days of ppl of fame to raise their TRP.
How unethical this is?
Then in future every TV channel wll be operating only in ICU's&mortuaries.what nonsense?
This show should be avoided from living at any cost.
This may cause serious problems to the viewers in particular small kids who r stuck up in fromt of TV most time.

திங்கள், 16 பிப்ரவரி, 2009

காதலர் தினம் ரொம்ப அவசியம்

இங்கே கடற் படையால் கொல்லப்படும் அப்பாவி மீனவருக்கு எந்த பாதுகாப்பும் இல்லை.அங்கே இலங்கையில் கொல்லப்படும் தமிழருக்கும் எந்த பாதுகாப்பும் இல்லை.ஆனால் இந்த வேலை வெட்டியில்லாத இந்த காதலருக்கு போலீஸ் பாதுகாப்பு வழங்கியிருக்கிறது.என்னே அரசின் அக்கறை !!!

காதல் என்பதே ஆண் பெண்ணை டீலில் விடுவது அல்லது பெண் ஆணை டீலில் விடுவது(இதுதான் அதிகம் நடக்கும் ஒன்று).பொது இடங்களில் "தடவி" அன்பை வெளிப்படுத்துவது .இன்னும் எவ்வளவோ

வெள்ளி, 13 பிப்ரவரி, 2009

குழு விவாத லட்சணம்

குழு விவாத லட்சணம்

ஒரு நேர்முக cum குழு விவாதத்திற்கு மும்பை சென்றிருந்தேன் .பத்து மணிக்கு என்று சொல்லி குந்த வைத்தனர்.11.30 மணிக்கு தான் நேரத்தின் மதிப்பு தெரிந்த அந்த நிர்வாகத்தினர் நொட்ட வந்தனர்.
குழு விவாதத்திற்கு என சில விதிகளை(ஏட்டில் மட்டுமே உள்ள) கூறினர்.
-இது discussion மட்டுமே arguement இல்லை(அடங்கோ.. )
-இதற்க்கு முடிவு எட்டப்பட்டாலும் படாவிட்டாலும் பரவாயில்லை (ஆமாமா .....உனக்கென்ன சம்பளம் வந்துடும் இல்ல)
மேலும் பல விதிகளை சொல்லி கொண்டே இருந்தனர்.எனக்கு கொட்டாவி வந்து வாயை கையால் மூடி கொண்டேன் .ஆனால் சிலர் வெளிப்படையாகவே கொட்டாவி விட்டனர்.
சர்தார்ஜி அதைப்பற்றி கவலை படாதவரை கனைத்து கொண்டேயிருந்தார் .

பின் விவாதம் அ சண்டை ஆரம்பமானது.
character is destiny என்ற தலைப்பில் கூவ சொன்னார்கள்.
வந்த நாய்கள் அனைத்தும் விசுவாசமாக குரைத்தன(நான் அவ்வளவு குறைக்கவில்லை .காரணம் தொண்டை சரியில்லை .மேலும் நான் மனிதன் என்ற தவறான கண்ணோட்டத்தில் இருந்தேன்)
இறுதியாக குறைத்த நாய்கள தெரிவு செய்யப்பட்டனர்.(நான்தான் சரியாக குறைக்கவில்லையாம் .மவனே நீ மெட்ராஸ் வா ...இருக்கு...)
அப்புறம் அந்த ஒக்க.... கம்பெனி பெயர் சொல்லவில்லையே HAWKINS COOKERS.
நேர்முக தேர்வு என்ற பெயரில் இரவு 12 மணிவரை கூத்தடித்தனர். ஒருவர் அறை மணிநேரம் நேர்முக தேர்வு முடிந்த பின்னர் சிறிது நேரம் வெளியில் உட்கார வைத்து பின்னர் அதே நபர் மீண்டும் அறை மணி நேரம் நோண்டி எடுக்கப்பட்டார்.ஒன்பது பேருக்கு 12 மணி நேரம்.அச்சாடா இது தான் நேர நிர்வாகம் போலும்
போடாங் ... நீங்களும் உங்க கம்பனியும்.....
இதற்க்கு நான் மன்பானையிலேயே சமைத்து விடுவேன்.எனக்கு குக்கரும் வேண்டாம் ஒக்கரும் வேண்டாம்.

புதன், 4 பிப்ரவரி, 2009

Viki’s philosophys

-Love is just triumph of imagination over intelignece

-Dont go deep into any relationship

-Never make someone as ur everything in ur lyf.coz when they r gone u’l ve nothing

-To the world u may be oneperson but 2 one person u may be the world.so plz dont hurt anyone

ஞாயிறு, 25 ஜனவரி, 2009

அந்த ஒரு நிமிடம்

அந்த ஒரு நிமிடம்
நீ எனை பார்த்தாய்
என் உயிர் உன் விழி எனும் கிணற்றுக்குள் விழுந்தது
காலடியில் வேர்கள் முளைக்கும் வரை காத்திருந்தேன்
நீ எனை கடந்து செல்லும் அந்த ஒரு நொடிக்காக
நீ என்னுடன் பேசிய அந்த ஒரு நிமிடம்
என் உயிர் உன் வார்த்தைகளில் கரைந்தது
உன் ஸ்பரிசம் எனை தீண்டிய
அந்த ஒரு நிமிடம்
நான் எனை தொலைத்தேன்
நீ என் உயிரின் கதறலை கேட்கவிருக்கும்
அந்த ஒரு நிமிடத்திற்காக காத்திருக்கிறேன்

சனி, 24 ஜனவரி, 2009

என் நெருங்கிய நண்பிக்கு by-pass சிகிச்சை

என் நெருங்கிய நண்பி உடல் நலமில்லாமல் மிகவும் அவதிப்பட்டாள் .அவள் தான் என் "கணினி".அவள் குடும்பத்தை எனக்கு 15 வருடங்களாக தெரியும்.windows 3.1 முதல் அவளை எனக்கு தெரியும்.அப்போது 13" கருப்பு வெள்ளை மாநிட்டர்கள்தான் .அப்போதே எனக்கு அவள் மீது காதல். பார்த்துகொண்டே இருப்பேன்.இப்போதும் அவளை பார்த்து கொண்டிருக்கிறேன்.ஆனால் சலிப்பு இல்லை.
சமீபத்தில் அவளுக்கு மிகவும் உடம்பு சரியில்லை.smps பிரச்னை அவளை பாடாய் படுத்தியது .அவள் கதறினாள் .என்னால் அதை பார்க்க முடியவில்லை.எனவே சர்வீஸ் செய்பவரிடம் அவளை நீங்களே எடுத்து சென்று குணப்படுத்தி வாருங்கள் என கூறி விட்டேன்(எப்போதும் நானே சரி செய்து விடுவேன்.இம்முறை மனம் சரியில்லை)இப்போது அவள் நலம்